Cosmology Seminar

Time: Starts at 1:30pm
Place: K206 @YITP

The first semester in 2019

1.28 Kota Ogasawara
Title:Rotating shells with angular momentum in BTZ
Refs:K. Ogasawara and N. Tsukamoto, Phys.Rev. D99 (2019), 024016.

1.21 Hiromu Sugiura
Title:Sequence of stable circular orbit in Majumdar–Papapetrou dihole spacetime
Refs:K. Nakashi and T. Igata, Phys.Rev. D99 (2019) no.12, 124033.
K. Nakashi and T. Igata, Phys.Rev. D100 (2019) no.10, 104006.

1.7 Hiromu Sugiura
Title:PBH and structure formation

12.23 Taishi Miura
Title:How to estimate the Hubble constant

12.2 Takahiro Yamamoto
Title:Bayesian inference using conditional variational auto encoder.
Refs:Gabbard et al, 1909.06296

11.12 Junsei Tokuda
Title:On the infrared corrections to inflationary correlators
Refs:[1] Y. Urakawa and T. Tanaka, Prog. Theor. Phys. 122 (2010) 1207 (arXiv: [hep-th] 0904.4415)

11.5 Masato Nozawa
Title:Teukolsky equations and stability of Kerr black hole
Refs:Anderson, Ma, Paganini, Whiting, JMP 58, 072508 (2017)
Araneda, CQG 34 035002 (2017); ibid 35,175001 (2018)

10.29 Kota Hayashi
Title:Superluminal Travel within General Relativity
Refs:[1] M. Alcubierre, Class. Quant. Grav.11, L73-L77 (1994)
[2] A. E. Everett and T. A. Roman, Phys. Rev. D56, 2100 (1997)

10.1 Hidetoshi Omiya
Title:Fluid/Gravity Correspondance
Refs:[1] Rangamani, M. (2009). Classical and quantum gravity, 26(22), 224003
[2] Bhattacharyya, S., et al. (2008). Journal of High Energy Physics, 2008(02), 045.

7.23 Antonio De Felice
Title:Kosowsky's paper on Polarization in the CMB
Refs:Arthur Kosowsky, "Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization,"

7.9 Taisuke Matsuda
Title:Conserved Charges of Extended BMS Algebras
Refs:Francesco Alessio, Giampiero Esposito ,Int.J.Geom.Meth.Mod.Phys. 15 ( 2018) no.02 arXiv:1709.05134 [gr-qc]
E ́anna E ́. Flanagan ,David A. Nichols2, Phys. Rev. D 95, 044002 (2017) arXiv:1510.03386 [hep-th]

7.2 Kazutaka Kimura
Title:Introduction to Wave Optics in Gravitational Lensing
Refs:T. T. Nakamura and S. Deguchi, Prog. Theor. Phys. Suppl. 133, 137 (1999)

6.25 Masaki Uno
Title:Gauge-invariant perturbations of Schwarzschild spacetime
Refs:Martel, K., Poisson, E,. 2005, Phys. Rev. D 71 104003

6.11 Hiei Fukuda
Title:Black hole as a mirror
Refs:P. Hayden and J. Preskill. Black holes as mirrors: quantum information in random subsystems. Journal of High Energy Physics, 2007(09):120, 2007

6.4 Sosuke Noda
Title:Wave scattering by a black hole and its mimickers
Refs:[1] Y. Nambu and S. Noda, "Wave optics in black hole spacetimes: the Schwarzschild case", Class Quant Grav 33,075011 (2016)
[2] Y. Nambu, S. Noda, and Yuichiro Sakai, "Wave optics in Spacetimes with Compact Gravitating Object", arXiv:1905.01793 [gr-qc]

5.28 Hayato Motohashi
Title: Towards perturbation theory of rotating black holes for testing gravity

5.21 Donghui Jeong
Title: constraining the small-scale primordial power spectrum

4.23 Shinji Mukohyama
Title: Some thoughts on entropy bounds, swampland and inflation

4.16 Atsushi Taruya
Title: Relativistic dipole of large-scale structure
Refs:Breton et al. arXiv:1803.04294

The second semester in 2018

3.19 Borna Salehian

1.15 Takahiro Yamamoto
Title:The basic idea of the Hough method for long-duration GW transients
Refs:B. Krishman et al. arXiv:gr-qc/0407001
M. Oliver et al. arXiv:1901.01820

1.7 Houri Tsuyoshi
Title:On the separability of the perturbation equations of Maxwell's and Einstein's fields on the Myers=Perry spacetime

12.18 Hiromu Sugiura
Title:Stability of Steady-States in Collisionless Self-Gravitating Systems

12.04 Junsei Tokuda
Title:How does the non-locality of UV completion allow EFT to violate positivity bounds?
Refs:C. de Rham et al. PRD 96, 081702
A. M. Jaffe Phys. Rev. 158 (1967) 1454-1461
L. Keltner and A. Tolley arXiv: 1502:05706

11.20 Yun-Long-Zhang
Title:Rindler Fluid and the Holographic Dark Matter Fluid
Refs:[arXiv:1705.05078], [arXiv:1712.09326]

11.13 Henri Roesch
Title:Horizon Stability and the Null Penrose Inequality

10.23Michele Oliosi
Title:Type-I minimally modified gravity

10.16 Anupam Mazumdar
Title:Towards scale invariant theory of gravity

10.9 Keigo Shimada
Title:Metric-affine Geometry and Scalar-tensor Theories
Refs:PRD 98, 044038(2018)

The first semester in 2018

7.17 Sousuke Noda
Title:Analog rotating black holes in a magnetohydrodynamic inflow
Refs:S. Noda, Y. Nambu, and M. Takahashi PRD 95, 104055 (2017)

7.10 Shohei Saga
Title:21cm signal from minihalos and constraints on small-scale physics
Refs:S. Chongchitnan and J. Silk [arXiv:1205.6799]
Y. Takeuchi and S. Chongchitnan [arXiv:1311.2585]
H. Shimabukuro et al. [arXiv:1403.1605]

7.3 Taishi Miura
Title:Generation of gravitational waves during early structure formation between cosmic inflation and reheating
Refs:K. Jedamzik, M. Lemoine, and J. Martin JCAP 1004, 021 (2010)

6.25 Tomoki Wada
Title:Electromagneticd field in Schwarzschild BH
Refs:R. Ruffini, J. Tiomno, and C. V. Vishveshwara Lett. Nuovo Cim. 352, 211-215 (1972)
A. Folacci and M. O. E. Hadj [arXiv:1805.11950 (2018)]

6.19 Ryo Kanazawa
Title:Event horizon deformation in EMRI mergers
Refs:R. Hamerly and Y. Chen PRD 84, 124015(2011)

6.12 Remya Nair
Title:Accounting for systematic and selection effects in Supernovae cosmology: Introduction to Bayesian hierarchial modeling
Refs:M. C. March et al. Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 418, 2308-2329 (2011)
H. Shariff et al. ApJ, 827:1 (2016)

6.5 Yuya Nakamura
Title:A slowly rotating object in the post-Newtonian approximation of the dynamical Chern-Simons modified gravity: Constraint by the Gravity Probe B experiment
Refs:Y. Ali-Haimoud and Y. Chen PRD 84, 124033 (2011)
C. W. F. Everitt et al. PRL 106, 221101 (2011)
N. Yunes and F. Pretorius PRD, 084043 (2009)
K. Yagi et al. PRD 87, 084058 (2013)

5.29 Kei Yamada
Title:A strong constraint on "non-dynamical" Chern-Simons gravity
Refs:Dyda, Flanagan, and Kamionkowskii PRD 86, 124031(2012)

5.22 Takahiro Tanaka
Title:Description of a spinning particle
Refs:Papapetrou Proc. Roy Soc. Lond A209, 248 (1951)
Mathisson GRG 42, 1011 (2010)

5.15 Antonio De Felice
Title:ISW-galaxy cross correlation bounds on the two branches of MTMG
Refs:N. Bolis et al. [arXiv:1804.01790]

5.8 Kota Ogasawara
Title:Collision of two dust shells in the BTZ spacetime
Refs:M. Banados et al. Phys Rev. Lett. 103, 111102(2009)
N. Tsukamoto et al. Phys. Rev. D 96, 024042(2017)

5.1 Benjamin A. Bose
Title:Beyond Consistency Tests of Lambda-CDM in Large Scale Structure Observations
Refs: B. Bose et al. [arXiv:1606.02520]
B. Bose et al. [arXiv:1702.02348]
A. Taruya et al. [arXiv:1606.02168]
B. Bose et al. [arXiv:1711.10976]
I. Hashimoto et al. [arXiv:1705.02574]

4.24 Shinji Mukohyama
Title: Revisiting Lorentz violation in Horava-Lifshitz gravity

4.17 Guilherme Franzmann
Title:The road to DFT cosmology
Refs: Aldazabal et al. [arXiv:1305.1907]
Brandenberger et al.[arXiv:1710.02412]
Kan et al. [arXiv: 1201.6023]

4.10 Francois Larrouturou
Title: Minimal theory of massive gravity vs. Solar system tests: round 1

The second semester in 2017

10.17 Ippei Obata
Title:Probing Ultralight Axion Dark Matter with GW Detectors
Refs: A. Aoki et al.[arXiv:1608.05933]
A. Khmelnitsky et al.[arXiv:1309.5888]
W. Hu et al.[arXiv:astro-ph/0003365]

10.10 Junsei Tokuda
Title:Local observer effect on the squeezed bispectrum in field space
Refs: Y. Tada et al.[arXiv:1609.08876]
Y. Urakawa et al.[arXiv:1103.1251]

The first semester in 2017

7.18 Stefano Ansoldi
Title:Technical aspects of 'unexpected' spacetime tunneling processes
Refs: Nucl Phys. B339 (1990) 417
JETP 120(2015) 460

7.4 Yann Rasera
Title:Cosmic structures on the past light cone: investigating the role of relativistic effects
Refs: [arXiv:]

6.27 Hiromu Sugiura
Title:Outer Phase Structures of Dark Matter Halos
Refs: [arXiv:]

6.20 Shuntaro Mizuno
Title:Primordial perturbations from hyperinflation
Refs: [arXiv:1705.03023]

6.13 Yohei Ishihara
Title:Argorithm for N-body simulation
Refs: [arXiv:]

6.6 Mathew Dean Hull
Title:Non-linear vector interactions and cosmological self-acceleration.
Refs: G. Tasinato et al.[arXiv:1408.6871]
M. Hull et al.[arXiv:1510.07029]
M. Crisostomi et al.[arXiv:1601.04658]

5.30 Atsushi Taruya
Title:Modeling power spectrum covariance
Refs: I. Mohammed et al.[arXiv:1607.00043]

5.23 Michele Oliosi
Title:Cosmologies in the chameleonic extension of bimetric theories
Refs: A. De. Felice et al.[arXiv:1702.04490]

5.16 Shinji Mukohyama
Refs: [arXiv:1512.02250]

5.9 Antonio De Felice
Refs:[arXiv:1703.09573, 1603.05806, 1112.1774]

5.2 Nathalie Deruelle
Title:The effective-one-body approach to the problem of motion in General Relativity (EOB for beginners)
Refs: A. Buonanno and T. Damour [arXiv:gr-qc/9811091],[arXiv:0001013]

4.25 Chunshan Lin
Title: Resolving the Ostrogradsky Ghost Problem for a Class of Scalar-Tensor Theories

4.18 Shohei Saga
Title:Recent development of the second-order cosmological perturbation theory
Refs: D. Baumann et al. [arXiv:hep-th/0703290]
S. Saga et al.[arXiv:1504.03790]

4.11 Tomohiro Fujita
Title: Large scale magnetic field and its astrophysical origin
Refs: Neronov and Vovk [arXiv:1006.3504]
Dolag et al. [arXiv:1009.1782]
Beck et al. [arXiv:1210.8360]

The second semester in 2014

2.10 Kouichi Nomura
Title: Interacting dreibeins
Refs: Hamid R. Afshar, Eric A. Bergshoeff, Wout Merbis. arXiv:1410.6164
Eric A. Bergshoeff, Olaf Hohm, Wout Merbis, Alasdair J. Routh, Paul K. Townsend. arXiv:1402.1688
Kurt Hinterbichler, Rachel A. Rosen. arXiv:1203.5783

1.27 Yuichi Ohara (Nagoya University)
Title: New model of massive spin-2 particle
Refs: PRD 90 (2014) 123013

1.20 Shinji Mukohyama
Title: Cosmology in bimetric theory with an effective composite coupling to matter
Refs: arXiv:1501.02790

1.13 Guillem Domenech
Title: False vacuum decay, Minkowski vacua can be metastable.
Refs: PRD 15.10 (1977): 2929
PRD 21.12 (1980): 3305
JCAP 2011.11 (2011): 035

12.16 Atsuki Masuda (Osaka City University)
Title: Propagation of a vortex beam around a Kerr black hole
Ref: F. Tamburini, B. Thide, G. M. Terriza, G. An- zolin, Nature Phys.7, 195-197 (2011)

12.2 Tsuyoshi Houri (Kobe University)
Title: Overdetermined PDEs in general relativity
Refs: arXiv:math/0206117, 1403.7226[math.DG], 1410.1023[gr-qc] and others I will refer to in my talk. You can also refer to lecture notes by Maciej Dunajski at DAMTP, available online at the URL:

11.25 Chunshan Lin
Title: induced gravity and gauge hierarchy
Refs: A. Zee PRL 42, vol 7, 1979, 417 CL 1405.4821

11.18 Hiroyuki Nakano
Title: On the falloff of radiated energy in black hole spacetimes
Ref: arXiv:1007.4596 [gr-qc]

11.4 Atsushi Taruya
Title: Bispectrum in the effective field theory of large-scale structure
Ref: T. Baldauf et al. arXiv:1406.4135

10.28 Yasuho Yamashita
Title: On the consistency of Horava-Lifshitz theory
Refs: J. Bellorin and A. Restuccia, arXiv:1004.0055 [hep-th]
R. Loll and L. Pires, arXiv:1407.1259 [hep-th]

10.21 Yuki Sakakihara
Title: Positive Mass Theorem in Einstein-Scalar System
Refs: M. Nozawa and T. Shiromizu, Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 023011
B. Elder et. al., arXiv:1405.7696

10.14 Takashi Hiramatsu
Title: Recombination in cosmology
Refs: Peebles, ApJ 153 (1968)
Seager, Sasselov, Scott, ApJL 523 (1999) 1
Seager, Sasselov, Scott, ApJS 128 (2000) 407

The first semester in 2014

7.15 Jonathan Richard White
Title: Inflationary attractors and universality classes
Refs: Universality classes of inflation, D. Roest
A universal attractor for inflation at strong coupling, R. Kallosh et al.

7.8 Ying-li Zhang
Title: Issues in non-local gravity
Refs: Non-Local Modification of Gravity and the Cosmological Constant Problem Nima Arkani-Hamed, Savas Dimopoulos, Gia Dvali, Gregory Gabadadze arXiv:hep-th/0209227;
Reconstructing the Distortion Function for Nonlocal Cosmology C. Deffayet, R. P. Woodard JCAP 0908:023,2009[arXiv:0904.0961];
Structure formation in a nonlocally modified gravity model Sohyun Park, Scott Dodelson Phys. Rev. D87, 024003 (2013)[arXiv:1209.0836].

7.1 Mao Iwasa
Title: EMRI event rate
Refs: arxiv:1205.4731

6.24 Masa-aki Watanabe
Title: cosmic no-hair theorem
Ref: Dynamical systems in cosmology edited by J. Wainwright, G.F.R. Ellis. -- Cambridge University Press, 1997.

6.17 Tatsuya Matsumoto
Title: Schwarzschild BH perturbation
Ref: T. Regge & J. Wheeler, 1957, Phys.Rev. 108, 1063

6.10 Ippei Obata
Title: Aligned Natural Inflation
Refs: K.Freese, J.A.Frieman and A.V.Olinto, Phys.Rev.Lett.65 (1990)3233-3236
R.Kappl, S.Krippendorf and H.P.Nilles, [arXiv:1404.7127 [hep-th]]

6.3 Soichiro Isoyama
Title: Twisted wave around a Kerr space time
Ref: Wavefront twisting by rotating black holes: orbital angular
momentum generation and phase coherent detection
Huan Yang, Marc Casals: 1404.0722[gr-qc]

5.29 Ichihiko Hashimoto
Title: Confirmation of general relativity from weak lensing and galaxy velocities
Refs: Reyes et al. 2010, Nature, 464, 256-258.
Zhang et al. Phys.Rev.Lett.99: 141302, 2007

5.20 Tomohisa Okazaki
Title: On the S-matrix and Algebraic Approach to QFT in Curved Spacetime
Refs: R.M.Wald, Commun.Math.Phys.45,9(1975), Ann.Phys.118,490(1979), Quantum Field Theory in Curved Spacetime and Black Hole Thermodynamics, Chicago(1994).

5.13 Antonio De Felice
Title: Cosmological perturbation theory in Horndeski theories
Refs: arXiv:1107.3917, arXiv:1108.4242

4.15 Takahiro Tanaka
Title: What is black hole firewall?
Refs: Birrell & Davies Sec.8, arXiv:1207.312 (hep-th/9306069)