JGRG presentation awards(since JGRG22)


JGRG32, 2023 new!

Yuki Yokokura (iTHEMS, RIKEN), "A Semi-classical Spacetime Region with Maximum Entropy" (Oral)
Petr Kotlařík (Charles University), "Beyond isolation: black holes, discs, and quasinormal modes" (Oral)
Hiroaki Tahara (Rikkyo University), "Exact solutions for rapidly rotating black hole in parity-violating gravity" (Oral)
Kanta Kitajima (Nagoya University), "Special Relativistic Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Based on Riemann Solver" (Oral)
Kazumasa Okabayashi (YITP, Kyoto University), "Gravastar with thermal radiation" (Oral)
Koki Tokeshi (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo), "Stochastic selection effect in the early Universe" (Oral)
Kaho Yoshimura (Kobe University), "Extremality of de-Sitter Black Holes in Nonlinear Electrodynamics" (Poster)

JGRG31, 2022

Michiru Niibo (Ochanomizu University), "Neutrino lines from MeV dark matter annihilation and decay in JUNO" (Oral)
Kohei Fujikura (Kobe University), "Microlensing constraints on axion stars including finite lens and source size effects" (Oral)
Paul Martens (YITP, Kyoto University), "Stability of the Fundamental Quasinormal Mode in Time-Domain Observations" (Oral)
Morifumi Mizuno (Tokyo Institute of Technology), "Weak lensing of gravitational waves in wave optics: Beyond Born approximation" (Oral)
Masaya Amo (YITP, Kyoto University), "Generalization of the photon sphere referring to null infinity" (Oral)
Jin Saito (Rikkyo University), "Black hole perturbations in modified gravity with two tensorial degrees of freedom" (Poster)

JGRG30, 2021

Youka Kaku (Nagoya University), "Quantum gravity witness using the quantum clock" (Oral)
Jun’ya Kume(RESCEU, The Universit of Tokyo)), "Gravitational birefringence in the primordial chiral plasma" (Oral)
Hidetoshi Omiya (Kyoto University), "Adiabatic evolution of the strongly self-interacting axion cloud" (Oral)
Lucas Pinol (IFT Madrid), "The non-linear Universe as a particle detecor" (Oral)
Kazufumi Takahashi (YITP, Kyoto University), "Perturbations of stealth black holes in modified gravity" (Oral)
Minxi He (KEK), "Reheating Process in Mixed Higgs-R^2 Model" (Poster)

JGRG29, 2019

Aya Iyonaga (Rikkyo University), "Extended Cuscuton as Dark Energy" (Oral)
Naoya Kitajima (Tohoku University), "Gravitational waves from axionic gauge field production"(Oral, 5min)
Soichiro Hashiba (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo), "Gravitational production of right-handed neutrinos after quintessential inflation"(Oral)
Junsei Tokuda (Kyoto University), "Suppression mechanism of large infrared quantum effects on inflationary observables"(Oral)
Joao Oliveira (University of Aveiro), "About the inexistence of solitons in Einstein-Maxwell-Axion models"(Oral)
Kimihiro Nomura (Kobe University), "Gravitational signal from ultralight vector dark matter"(Poster)
Mei Takeda (Niigata University),"Data Analysis of Gravitational Waves from the SASI mode in a core collapse supernova with the Hilbert-Huang Transform"(Poster)

JGRG28, 2018

Haruka Suzuki (Waseda University), "The Effect of Kozai-Lidov Mechanism on the Period Shift of the Binary Neutron Stars by Gravitational Waves"(Oral)
Keigo Shimada (Waseda University), "Inflation in Metric-Affine Gravity"(Oral)
Masato Nozawa (YITP, Kyoto University), "On the uniqueness theorems of static black holes"(Oral)
Shi Pi (Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo), "Gravitational Waves Induced by non-Gaussian Scalar Perturbations"(Oral)
Priti Gupta (Waseda University), "Gravitational Waves and Chaos"(Poster)
Takahisa Igata (Rikkyo University), "Bright edge of a near extremal Kerr black hole shadow"(Poster)

JGRG27, 2017

Hayato Motohashi (YITP, Kyoto University), "Healthy degenerate theories with arbitrary higher-order derivatives"(Oral)
Shun Arai (Nagoya University), "Constraints on Horndeski theory with Gravitational Waves observations"(Oral)
Keisuke Inomata (ICRR, The University of Tokyo), "O(10)Msolar primordial black holes and string axion dark matter"(Oral)
Emi Masaki (Kobe University), "Can gravitons be converted into dark photons?"(Oral)
Kota Ogasawara (Rikkyo University), "Collision of two shells with a high center-of-mass energy in the Banados-Teitelboim-Zanelli spacetime"(Oral)
Eliska Polaskova (Charles University), "Quasilocal horizons in inhomogenenous cosmological models"(Poster)
Yosuke Misonoh (Waseda University), "Imitating equation of motion with deep learning"(Poster)

JGRG26, 2016

Yuko Urakawa (Nagoya University), "Soft theorem and conservation of the curvature perturbation"(Oral)
Jorge Rocha (University of Barcelona), "Dynamics of thin-shell matter in confined spacetimes, critical behavior and chaos"(Oral)
Sousuke Noda (Nagoya University), "Analogue Kerr-like geometries in a MHD flow"(Oral)
Norihiro Tanahashi (Osaka University), "Black Hole Horizon is a Nest of Chaos"(Poster)
Kazuki Sakai (Nagaoka University of Technology), "Analyzing rigndown gravitational waves from binary black hole mergers with the Hilbert-Huang transform"(Poster)

JGRG25, 2015

Keiju Murata (Keio University), "Turbulent strings in AdS/CFT"(Oral)
Xian Gao (TiTech),"Disformal transformation and cosmological perturbations of spatially covariant theories of gravity"(Oral)
Naritaka Oshita (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo), "Black holes as seeds of baby univers"(Oral)
Katsuki Aoki (Waseda University), "Relativistic stars in the bigravity theory"(Oral)
Shinichi Hirano (Rikkyo University), "Large scale suppression with ultra slow-roll inflation scenario"(Poster)
Mao Iwasa (Kyoto University), "Orbital evolution of stars around shrinking massive black hole binaries"(Poster)

JGRG24, 2014

Tsuyoshi Houri (Kobe University), "An upper bound on the number of Killing-Yano tensors"(Oral)
Ryotaro Kase (Tokyo University of Science), "Effective field theory approach to modified gravity including Horndeski theory and Horava-Lifshitz gravity"(Oral)
Kazunari Eda (RESCEU, The University of Tokyo), "Multiple output configuration for a torsion-bar gravitational wave antenna"(Oral)
Tomohiro Fujita (Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo), "Can a Spectator Scalar Field Enhance Inflationary Tensor Modes?"(Oral)
Hajime Fukuda (Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo), "Leptogenesis during axion inflation"(Poster)
Daiki Kikuchi (Hirosaki University), "Relativistic Sagnac effect by CS gravity"(Poster)
Masato Minamitsuji (IST, Lisbon), "Disformal transformation of cosmological perturbations"(Poster)

JGRG23, 2013

Ryo Namba (Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo), "Gauge-flation confronted with CMB observations"(Oral)
Akira Oka (The University of Tokyo)"Cosmological Upper-Bound for f(R) Gravity through Redshift-Space Distortion"(Oral)
Masato Nozawa (KEK), "Supersymmetric Plebanski-Demianski solution"(Oral)
Hiroyuki Nakano (YITP, Kyoto University), "Spin-Regge-Wheeler-Zerilli formalism and gravitational waves"(Poster)
Sakine Nishi (Rikkyo University), "Cosmological matching conditions in Horndeski's theory"(Poster)

JGRG22, 2012

Taro Kunimitsu(RESCEU, The University of Tokyo), "Higgs condensation in the inflationary universe"(Oral)
Kei Yamada (Hirosaki University), "Triangular solution to the general relativistic three-body problem"(Oral)
Kenta Kiuchi (YITP, Kyoto University), "General relativistic simulations of magnetized binary neutron star meger"(Oral)
Rampei Kimura (Hiroshima University), "Constraints on general second-order scalar-tensor models from gravitational Cherenkov radiation"(Oral)
Yi-Peng Wu (National Tsing Hua University), "Matter density perturbations in modified teleparallel gravity theories of dark energy"(Poster)
Shuichiro Yokoyama (ICRR, The University of Tokyo), "Scale-dependent bias with the higher order primordial non-Gaussianity"(Poster)
Haruna Murakami (Rikkyo University), "Short-range gravity experiment searching for a large extra dimension"(Poster)