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2008 年度



10/03(中村卓史) 8M~12Mの恒星の末路は?


10/03(石津尚喜) Dust Settling in Magnetorotationally-Driven Turbulence I


2008/10/03(高本亮) ついに念願のイベントホライズンのサイズを捕らえたぞ!

Summer Institute 2008 山内 大介


太陽系外惑星をとらえた?! 町田 正博







2008/05/30(村瀬)The Cassiopeia A Supernova Was of Type IIb

2008/05/23(棚橋)Quantum Black Holes, Braneworlds and Holography

2008/05/16(武藤)DARWIN - A Mission to Detect, and Search for Life on, Extrasolar Planets

arXiv:0805.1873 media:2008-muto-Darwinmission.ppt

2007 年度










Correlation of the Highest-Energy Cosmic Rays with Nearby Extragalactic Objects














Nature 449, 576-578 (4 October 2007)






Spectrum of Cosmic rays, produced in supernova remnants(村瀬)

Debris disks in main sequence binary systems

Survival of the mm-cm size grain population observed in protoplanetary disks

The frequency of planets in multiple systems

A Spectrum of an Extrasolar Planet

Fundamentalist Physics: why Dark Energy is bad for Astronomy(井岡)



The impact of magnetic fields on single and binary star formation(町田)

GRB050826: A subluminous event at z=0.296 finds its place in the luminosity distribution of gamma-ray burst afterglows(井岡)


The Maximal Amount of Gravitational Waves in the Curvaton Scenario(横山)


Constraining Radiatively Inefficient Accretion Flows with Polarization(当真)

偏光観測によってSag A*の降着円盤を制限したい


Star-disk interaction in young stars(Inutsuka)

Shu v.s. Rest of the world

Black Holes Aren't(Ioka)


General Relativistic MHD




2006 年度

·      1月 19日

J. Papaloizou          astro-ph/0701342

"Protoplanet Magnetosphere Interactions"

A. Neronov   astro-ph/0604607

"Measurement of extragalactic magnetic fields by TeV gamma ray telescopes"

·      12月 22日

M.Kistler and J.Beacom      astro-ph/0607082

"Guaranteed and Prospective Galactic TeV Neutrino Sources"

·      12月 15日

J. Casares    astro-ph/0612312

"Observational evidence for stellar-mass black holes."

C. Hopman, M. Freitag, S. L. Larson         astro-ph/0612337

"Gravitational wave bursts from the Galactic massive black hole"

D. Lazzati, B. J. Morsony, M. C. Begelman  astro-ph/0612320

"The physics of GRB jets and their interaction with the progenitor star"

B. J. Morsony, D. Lazzati, M. C. Begelman  astro-ph/0609254

"Temporal and Angular Properties of GRB Jets Emerging from Massive Stars"

M. P. Muno   astro-ph/0611589

"Which Stars Form Black Holes and Neutron Stars?"

P. A. Mazzali et al. Nature 442, 1018

"A neutron-star-driven X-ray flash associated with supernova SN 2006aj "

·      11月 24日

Adam G. Riess et al.     astro-ph/0611572

"New Hubble Space Telescope Discoveries of Type Ia Supernovae at z>=1

Narrowing Constraints on the Early Behavior of Dark Energy"

·      11月 10日

E. Berger et al.        astro-ph/0611128

"A New Population of High Redshift Short-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts"

·      10月 27日

G. Miniutti et al.    astro-ph/0609521

"Suzaku observations of the hard X-ray variability of MCG-6-30-15:

The effects of strong gravity around a Kerr black hole"

J. N. Reeves et al.    astro-ph/0610434

"Suzaku Revealing the High Energy Emission

from the Obscured Seyfert Galaxy MCG -5-23-16 with Suzaku"

J. N. Reeves et al.    astro-ph/0610436

" Suzaku Observations of Iron Lines and Reflection in AGN"

·      10月 20日

G. R. Farrar, R. A. Rosen     astro-ph/0610298

"A New Force in the Dark Sector?"

·      7月 7日

M. Kesden and M.Kamiowski    astro-ph/0606566

"Galilean Equivalence for Galactic Dark Matter"

·      6月23日

L.Campanelli et al. Phys Rev Lett 96 , 161302(2006)

"Production of axions by cosmic magnetic helicity"

Charles J . Lada   ApJ 640 , L63-L66

"Stellar multiplicity and the initial mass function : most stars are single"

Aharonian et al.  Nature 439 , 695-698

"Discovery of very high energy γ-rays from the Galactic Centre ridge"

·      6月 9日

J. N. Cuzzi and C. M. O’D. Alexander  Nature 441, 483 (2006)

"Chondrule formation in particle-rich nebular regions at least hundreds of kilometers across"

F. Luo and H. Liu  gr-qc/0605125

"Exploring Extra Dimensions in Spectroscopy Experiments"

·      5月26日

Christophe et al. Nature04828

"An extrasolar planetary system with three Neptune-mass planets"

A.O.Barvinsky and A.Yu.Kamenshchink  hep-th/0605132

"Cosmological Landscape From Nothing : Some Like It Hot"

Christian D.Ott et al.  astro-ph/0605439

"A New Mechanism for Gravitational Wave Emission in Core-Collapse Supernovae "

E.Zavattini et al. Phys Rev Lett 96, 110406

"Experimental Observation of Optical Rotation Generated in Vacuum by a Magnetic Field "

Steve Lamoreaux   Nature 441|4 May 2006

"The first axion ?"

·      5月19日

ESA-SCI (2005) 1


·      5月12日

R.Easther and E.A.Lim  , astro-ph/0601617

"Stochastic Gravitational Wave Production After Inflation"

·      4月28日

D.A.Frail et al , astro-ph/0604508

"An energetic afterglow from a distant stellar explosion"

·      4月21日

Massimo Giovanni, astro-ph/0604014

"Transfer matrices for magnetized CMB anisotropies"

Aharonian et al. , Nature 440,1018

"A low level of extragalactic background light as revealed by γ-rays from blazars"

Bradley E. Schaefer, ApJ 642, 25-28, 2006

"Most short-hard gamma-ray bursts are not in moderately bright nearby host galaxies"

·         4月14日

D. Price & S. Rosswog, astro-ph/0603845

"Producing ultra-strong magnetic fields in neutron star mergers"

J. Vink & L. Kuiper, astro-ph/0604187

"SN remnant energetics and magnetars: no evidence in favour of millisecond proto-neutron stars"

2005 年度

·         1月20日

J.W.T. Hesseles et al., astro-ph/0601337

"A radio pulsar spinning at 716-Hz"

G.G. Howes et al., astro-ph/0511812

"Astrophysical gyrokinetics: Basic equations and linear theory"

N. R. Tanvir, R. Chapman, A. J. Levanand R. S. Priddey, Nature 438, 991

"An origin in the local Universe for some short gamma-ray bursts"

Q.J. Levan et al., astro-ph/0601332

"Short GRBs in old populations: Magnetars from WD-WD mergers"

·         12月9日

H. Firouzjahi & S.-H.H. Tye, JHEP 0601:136,2006

"The shape of gravity in a warped deformed conifold"

·         11月25日

J. Kim & D. Ryu, ApJ, 630, L45

"Density power spectrum of compressible hydrodynamic turbulent flows"

A.A. Vidotto & V.J. Pereira, astro-ph/0511192

"The effects of alfven waves and radiation pressure in dusty winds of late-type stars. 2. the dust-cyclotron damping"

A. Burrows et al., astro-ph/0510687

"A new mechanism for core-collapse supernova explosions"

B.B. Nath, P. Madau & J. Silk, astro-ph/0511631

"Cosmic rays, lithium abundance and excess entropy in galaxy clusters"

·         11月18日

D.R. Lorimer, Living Rev.Rel.8:7,2005

"Binary and millisecond pulsars"

M. Donaire & A. Rajantie, hep-ph/0508272

"Heavy cosmic strings"

F.D. Marco & A. Notari, astro-ph/0511396

"Graceful old inflation"

·         11月11日

   A Kashlinsky et al. 2005 Nature 438 45

"Tracing the first stars with cosmic infrared background fluctuations"

S. Malhotra & J. Rhoads, astro-ph/0511196

"The volume fraction of ionized intergalactic gas at redshift Z=6.5"

R.P. fender et al., astro-ph/0511214

"Structure in the radio counterpart to the 2004 DEC 27 giant flare from SGR 1806-20"

M. Shibata et al., astro-ph/0511142

"Magnetized hypermassive neutron star collapse: A central engine for short gamma-ray bursts"

·         11月4日

D.J. Eisenstein et al., Astrophys.J.633:560-574,2005

"Detection of the baryon acoustic peak in the large-scale correlation function of SDSS luminous red galaxies"

A.G. Sanchez et al., Mon.Not.Roy.Astron.Soc.366:189-207,2006

"Cosmological parameters from CMB measurements and the final 2DFGRS power spectrum"

·         10月28日

Pierre Astier et al., astro-ph/0510447

"The supernova legacy survey: Measurement of omega(m), omega(lambda) and W from the first year data set"

A.I. MacFadyen, E. Ramirez-Ruiz & W. Zhang, astro-ph/0510192

X-ray flares following short gamma-ray bursts from shock heating of binary stellar companions"

S. Das, P.S.Corasaniti & J. Khoury, astro-ph/0510628

"Super-acceleration as signature of dark sector interaction"

H.E.S.S. Collaboration (F. Aharonian et al.),  Astron.Astrophys.439:1013-1021,2005

"Serendipitous discovery of the unidentified extended TeV gamma-ray source HESS J1303-631"

A. Atoyan, J. Buckley & H. Krawczynski, astro-ph/0509615

"A gamma-ray burst remnant in our galaxy: HESS J1303-631"

·         10月14日

J.S. Villasenor et al., astro-ph/0510190

"Discovery of the short gamma−ray burst GRB 050709"

Derek B. Fox et al., Nature 437:845-850,2005

"The afterglow of GRB050709 and the nature of the short-hard gamma−ray bursts"

Jens Hjorth et al., Nature 437:859-861,2005

"The optical afterglow of the short gamma-ray burst GRB 050709"

·         7月8日

T. Preibisch et al. 2005 , astro-ph/0506526

"The Origin of T Tauri X-ray Emission : New Insights from the Chandra Orion Ultradeep Project"

J. Curtis et al. 2005 , gr-qc/0506107

"Numerical Simulations of Stiff Fluid Gravitational Singularities"

B. Sato et al.2005 , accepted in the Astrophysical Journal

"The N2K Consortium. Ⅱ.A Transiting Hot Saturn around HD 149026 With a Large Dense Core"

·         6月17日

A.      Gazol et al. 2005,astro-ph/0504444

    "The Pressure Distribution in Thermally Bistable Turbulent Flows"

·         6月10日

Whelan.E.T et al. 2005,Nature 435 652

"A Resolved Outflow of Matter from a Brown Dwarf"

Ziegler 2005,A & A 435 385

"Self-Gravitational Adaptive Mesh Magnetohydrodynamics with the NIRVANA Code"

M.Baldi,F.Finelli &S.Matarrese 2005,gr-qc/0505552

"Super Inflation"

A.Y.Miguelote & A.Wang 2005,gr-qc/0505062

"Gravitational Collapse of Circularly Symmetric Stiff Fluid with Self-Similarity in 2+1 Gravity"

T.Islam & S.Balbus 2005,astro-ph/0504666

"The Dynamics of the Magnetoviscous Instability"

·         5月20日

H.Falcke et al. 2005,Nature 435 313

"Detection and Imaging of Atomospheric Radio Flashes from Cosmic Ray Air Showers"

K.Kadota et al. 2005,astro/0505158

"Precision of Inflation Potential Reconstruction from CMB Using the General Slow-Roll Approximation"

I.Zouganelis et al. 2005,astro-ph/0505324

"Acceleration of Weakly Collisional Solar-Type Winds"

·         5月13日

G.Chauvin et al. 2005,astro/0504659

"Giant Planet Conpanion to 2MASSWJ1207334-393254"

R.Braun & N.Kanekar 2005,astro/0505055

"Tiny HI Clouds in the Local ISM"

S.Stanimirovic & C Heiles 2005,astro-ph/0505106

"The Thinnest Cold HI Clouds in the Diffuse Interstellar medium?"

S.Stanimirovic et al. 2003,astro-ph/0307002

"The Tiny-Scale Atomic Structure : Gas Cloudlet or Scintillation Phenomenon ?"

S.Stanimirovic et al. 2004,Astrophys.Space Sci.292:167

"PSR B1849+00 Probes the Tiny-Scale Molecular Gas ?"

·         5月6日

R.A.Piontek &E.C.Ostriker 2005,astro-ph/0504669

        "Saturated-State Turbulence and Structure from Thermal Instability in the ISM:Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulations"

         I.Baraffe et al. 2005,astro-ph/0505054

        "Hot-Jupiters and Hot-Neptunes:A Common Origin? "

·         4月22日

         D.Langlois & F.Vernizzi 2005,astro-ph/0503416

         "Evolution of nonlinear Cosmological Perturbations"

·         4月15日

E.Montanari et al. 2005,astro-ph/0504199

         "Evidence for a Long Duration Componet in the Prompt Emission nf Short Gamma-Ray Burst Detected with Bepposax"

         C.Gordon et al. 2005,astro-ph/0504132

         "The Amplitude of Dark Energy Perturbations"

         D.Deming et al. 2005,Nature 434 740

         "Infrared Radiation from an Extrasolar Planet"

         B.McBreen et al. 2005,Astron.Astrophys.429:L41

         "Gamma-Ray Burst and Other Sources of Giant Lightning Discharges in Protoplanetary Systems"

2004 年度

·         2月28日

Christos Charmousis, Robin Zegers, hep-th/0502171

"Einstein gravity on an even codimension brane"

Toshio Terasawa, et. al, astro-ph/0502315

"GEOTAIL observation of the SGR1806-20 Giant Flare: The first 600 ms"  

K. Hurley, et. al, astro-ph/0502329

"A tremendous flare from SGR1806-20 with implications for short-duration gamma-ray bursts"

Ryo Yamazaki, Kunihito Ioka, Fumio Takahara, Noriaki Shibazaki, astro-ph/0502320

"Giant flare of SGR 1806-20 from a relativistic jet"

·         1月28日


B. Zink, N. Stergioulas, I. Hawke, C. D. Ott, E. Schnetter, E. Mueller, gr-qc/0501080

"Black hole formation through fragmentation of toroidal polytropes"

M. H. Ansari, L. Smolin, hep-th/0412307

"Self-organized criticality in quantum gravity"

·         1月14日


T. Mazeh, S. Zucker, and F. Pont , astro-ph/0411701

"Cosmic-Ray Scattering and Streaming in Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence"


·         12月24日

"22nd TEXAS Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics @Stanford University" 報告

"Magnetic Fields in the Universe @Angra dos Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil" 報告

·         11月22日

K. Enqvist et. al., astro-ph/0411394

" Non-Gaussianity from Preheating"

S.G.Moiseenko, G.S.Bisnovatyi-Kogan, N.V.Ardeljan, astro-ph/0410234

"Magnetorotational supernova simulations"

·         11月19日

H. Yan and A. Lazarian, PRL, 89, 281102, (2002)

"Scattering of Cosmic Rays by Magnetohydrodynamic Interstellar Turbulence"

H. Yan and A. Lazarian, ApJ, 614, 757, (2004)

"Cosmic-Ray Scattering and Streaming in Compressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence"

"Chondrites and the Protoplanetary Disk" 報告

·         11月12日

"Origins : From Early Universe to Extrasolar Planets" 報告

S. A. Hughes and K. Menou, hep-th/0410148

"Golden Binaries for LISA: Robust Probes of Strong-Field Gravity"

·         10月22日

T. Hiramatsu et. al., hep-th/0410247

"Evolution of gravitational waves in the high-energy regime of brane-world cosmology"

C. B. Hededal et. al., astro-ph/0408558

"Non-Fermi Power law Acceleration in Astrophysical Plasma Shocks"

"Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era 4th Workshop" 報告

"The Three Dimensional Universe with Gaia" 報告

·         10月15日

P. N. Wilkinson et. al., astro-ph/0410225

"The Exploration of the Unknown"

J. F. Zhou et. al., astro-ph/0410231

"Linear Accelerating Superluminal Motion Model"

·         10月8日

U. Hwang et. al., astro-ph/0409760

"A Million-Second Chandra View of Cassiopeia A"

A. Readhead et. al., astro-ph/0409569

"Polarization Observations with the Cosmic Background Imager"

J.Binney, astro-ph/0409639

"The Cosmological Context of Extraplanar Gas"

J.Binney, MNRAS, 347,1093,(2004)

"On the Origin of the Galaxy Luminosity Function"

"Diffuse Matter in the Galaxy" 報告

·         7月16日

"研究会報告 @シンガポール"

Kanekar, Chengalur and Ghosh, astro-ph/0406121

"Conjugate 18cm OH Satellite Lines at a Cosmological Distance"

Mugrauer et. al., astro-ph/0406108

"A Low-Mass Stellar Companion of the Planet Host Star HD 75289"

·         7月2日

Garriga, Porrati, hep-th/0406158

"Football Shaped Extra Dimensions and the Absence of Self-Tuning"

·         6月11日

Eicher, Levinson, astro-ph/0405014

"An Interpretation of the hν(peak)-E(iso) Correlation for GRB"

Ghisellini, Tavecchio and Chiaberge, astro-ph/0406093

"Structured Jets in TeV BL Lac Objects and Radiogalaxies"

Greene, Ho and Barth, astro-ph/0406047

"Intermidiate-Mass Black Hole in Galactic Nuclei"

"Capra 7 Meeting"報告

Leger et.al., Icar,169(2004),499L

"A New Family of Planets? : Ocean-Planets"


·         6月4日

"Quark 2004" 報告

Fosalba,Szapudi, astro-ph/0405589

"The Angular Power Spectrum of the First-Year WMAP Data Reanalysed"


·         5月28日

Testa, Drake, and Peres, astro-ph/0405019

"The Density of Coronal Plasma in Active Stellar Coronae"

Beuther, astro-ph/0404563

"Outflows and Jets from Massive Star-forming Clusters"

Armendariz-Picon , astro-ph/0405267

"Could Dark Energy be Vector-like?"

Tsuchiya et. al., ApJ,606(2004),L115

"Detection of sub-Tev Gammma-rays from the Galactic Center Direction by CANGAROO-II"

·         5月21日

Adams, Bloom, astro-ph/0405266

"Direct Detection of Dark Matter with Space-based Laser Interferometers"

Taylor, Frall, and Berger, astro-ph/0405300

"The Angular Size and Proper Motion of the Afterglow of GRB 030329"

Cen , astro-ph/0405294

"Two-fluid Thermally-stable Cooling Flow Model"

DeDeo , astro-ph/0405067

"Testing Strong-field Gravity wih Quasiperiodic Oscillations"

Chugai et al., astro-ph/0405369

"The Type IIN Supernova 1994W: Evidence for the Explosive Ejection of a Circumstellar Envelope"

·         5月14日

Dietrich et al., astro-ph/0405126

"Implications of Quasar Black Hole Masses at High Redshifts"

Fynbo et al., astro-ph/0402240

"On the Afterglow of the X-Ray Flush of July 23 2003:Photometric Evidence for an off-axis Gamma-Ray Burst with an Associated Supernova?"

Tominaga et al., astro-ph/0405151

"Light Curve Models for the Supernova in the Optical Counterpart of X-Ray Flush 030723"

Garousi et al., hep-th/0405012

"Generation of Electromagnetic Fields in String Cosmology with a Massive Scalar Field on the Anti D-Brane"

Slosar et al., astro-ph/0404567

"Assessing the Effects of Foregrounds and Sky Removal in WMAP"

·         5月7日

Abbasi et al., astro-ph/0404137

"Study of Small-Scale Anisotoropy of Ultrahigh Enegy Cosmic Rays Observed in Stereo by HiRes"

T.D.Lee., astro-ph/0404601

"A Possible Origin of Dark Energy"

Slosar et al., astro-ph/0404567

"Assessing the Effects of Foregrounds and Sky Removal in WMAP"

·         4月30日

Balaji et al., hep-ph/0403014

"Dymamical CP Violation in the Early Universe"

Brown et al., astro-ph/0404456

"Discovery of a Candidate Inner Oort Cloud Planetoid"

Mendoza et al., astro-ph/0312181

"The Hydrodymamical Equivalence of Astrophysical Jets"

DiLella et al., astro-ph/0207073

"Observational Evidence for Gravitationally Trapped Massive Axion(-like) Particles"

Zioutas et al., astro-ph/0403176

"Quiet Sun X-rays as Sigunature for New Particles"

·         4月23日

Lazzati et al., astro-ph/011025

"Possible Detection of Hard X-ray Afterglows of Short Gamma-ray Bursts"

Germany et al., ApJ,533(2000),320

"SN 1997cy/GRB 970514"

Kofman, hep-th/0403001

"Beauty is Attractive: Moduli Trapping at Enhanced Symmetry Points"

Granot, astro-ph/0403260

"High Energy Emission from the Double Pulsar System J0737-3039"

Dufaux et al., hep-th/0404161

Cosmological Perturbations from Brane Inflation with a Gauss-Bonnet Term"

·         4月16日

Will, Yunes, gr-qc/0403100

"Testing Alternative Theories of Gravity Using LISA"

David et al., astro-ph/0403100

"PSR J1829+2456: A Relativistic Binary Pulsar"

Pello et al., astro-ph/0403025

"ISAAC / VLT Observations of a Lensed Galaxy at z=10.0"

Heithausen, astro-ph/0403514

"Molecular Hydrogen as Baryonic Dark Matter"

Fukugawa et al., ApJ,605(2004),L53

"Spiral Structure in the Circumstellar Disk around AB Aurigae"

Bekenstein, astro-ph/0403694

"Relativistic Gravitation Theory for the MOND Paradigm"

Davoudiasl et al., hep-ph/0403019

"Gravitational Baryogenesis"

Kaloper, hep-th/0403208


2003 年度

·         2月27日

Campos, Maia, and Rosenfeld, astro-ph/0402413

"Instant preheating mechanism and UHECR"

Casse et al., 2004ApJ...602L..17C

"Hypernovae/Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Galactic Center as Possible Sources of Galactic Positrons"

Halpern, Gezari, and Komossa, astro-ph/0402497

"Follow-Up Chandra Observations of Three Candidate Tidal Disruption Events"

·         2月20日

Dunkel, astro-ph/0401591

"On the relationship between MOND and DM"

Gubser, hep-th/0305099

"String production at the level of effective field theory"

Gubser, hep-th/0312321

"String creation and cosmology"

·         2月6日

Lyne et al., astro-ph/0401086

"A Double-Pulsar System - A Rare Laboratory for Relativistic Gravity and Plasma Physics"

Wyithe and Loeb, astro-ph/0401188

"Cosmic Hydrogen Was Significantly Neutral a Billion Years After the Big Bang"

Lineweaver, Fenner, and Gibson, Science Jan 2(2004) 59

"The Galactic Habitable Zone and the Age Distribution of Complex Life in the Milky Way"

Favata, Hughes, and Holz, astro-ph/0402056

"How black holes get their kicks: Gravitational radiation recoil revisited"

·         12月26日


Vaughan et al., astro-ph/0312603

"The discovery of an evolving dust scattered X-ray halo around GRB 031203"


"Gravitational Collapse: From Massive Stars to Planets First Astrophysics meeting of the Observatorio Astronomico Nacional (Mexico)"

·         12月12日

Tsujikawa, Singh, Maatens, astro-ph/0311015

"Loop quantum gravity effects on inflation and the CMB"

·         12月5日

Burgay et al., Nature 426(2003)531

"An increased estimate of the merger rate of double neutron stars from observations of a highly relativistic system "

Massi et al., astro-ph/0312091

"Hints for a fast precessing relativistic radio jet in LS I +61 303"

·         11月28日

Henriques, Mendes, astro-ph/0301015

"Boson-fermion stars: exploring different configurations"

·         11月14日

LEN A. FISK, nature,426(2003)21

"Planetary Science: Over the edge?"

S. M. KRIMIGIS et al., nature,426(2003)45

"Pulsar Birthrate from Parkes Multi-beam Survey"

FRANK B. MCDONALD et al., nature,426(2003)48

"Enhancements of energetic particles near the heliospheric termination shock "

·         10月24日

Waxman, astro-ph/0310320

"The nature of GRB980425 and the search for off-axis GRB signatures in nearby type Ib/c supernovae emission"

Vranesevic et al., astro-ph/0310201

"Pulsar Birthrate from Parkes Multi-beam Survey"

Berger et al., astro-ph/0308187

"A Common Origin for Cosmic Explosions Inferred from Fireball Calorimetry"

Berger et al., astro-ph/0307228

"A Radio Survey of Type Ib and Ic Supernovae: Searching for Engine Driven Supernovae"

Gott III et al., astro-ph/0310571

"A Map of the Universe"

Vielva et al., astro-ph/0310273

"Detection of non-Gaussianity in the WMAP 1-year data using spherical wavelets"

·         10月17日

Jenet et al., astro-ph/0310276

"Constraining the properties of the proposed supermassive black hole system in 3c66b: Limits from pulsar timing"

Mukohyama and Randall, hep-th/0306108

"A Dynamical Approach to the Cosmological Constant"

Mukohyama, hep-th/0306208

"Gravity in the dynamical approach to the cosmological constant"

Kol et al., hep-th/0309190

"Caged Black Holes: Black Holes in Compactified Spacetimes I -- Theory"

Sorkin et al., hep-th/0310096

"Caged Black Holes: Black Holes in Compactified Spacetimes II - 5d Numerical Implementation"

Harmark and Obers, hep-th/0309116

"New Phase Diagram for Black Holes and Strings on Cylinders"

Harmark and Obers, hep-th/0309230

"Phase Structure of Black Holes and Strings on Cylinders"

Israelian et al., astro-ph/0310378

"Lithium in stars with exoplanets"

·         10月10日

Khoury et at., astro-ph/0309411

"Chameleon Cosmology"

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