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場所:5階セミナー室 ( 511号室 )


2008 年度


2008/3/11 (筒井 亮)

"H0, ΩM, and ΩΛ"
Riess et al., "Observational Evidence from Supernovae for an Accelerating Universe and a Cosmological Constant", ApJ, 116, 1009, 1998 Komatu et al., "FIVE-YEAR WILKINSON MICROWAVE ANISOTROPY PROBE OBSERVATIONS: COSMOLOGICAL INTERPRETATION", ApJ, 180, 330, 2009

2008/3/4 (泉 圭介)

"Multi-Point Propagators in Cosmological Gravitational Instability"

2008/2/26 (木村 匡志 [大阪市立大学])


2008/2/9 (村田 佳樹)

T.Hollowood, S.P.Kumar and A.Naqvi, "Instabilities of the Small Black Hole: A View from N=4 SYM", JHEP 0701:001, 2007 [hep-th/0607111]
V.E.Hubeny and M.Rangamani, "Unstable horizons" JHEP 0205:027,2002,[hep-th/0202189]

2008/2/3 (山内 大介)

“The Instability of Vacua in Gauss-Bonnet Gravity”
Charmousis and Padilla, JHEP 0812, 038 (2008) arXiv:0807.2864 [hep-th]
Deser and Tekin, Phys. Rev. D 67, 084009 (2003) arXiv:hep-th/0212292.

2008/1/26 (丹澤 優)

“Axiomatic approach to the cosmological constant”
C. Beck, arXiv:0810.0752 [gr-qc]
L. Nottale, "Scale-relativistic cosmology", Chaos, Solitons & Fractals

2008/1/13 (仙洞田 雄一)

G. 't Hooft, "Unitarity in the Brout-Englert-Higgs Mechanism for Gravity"

2008/1/5 (Dr. Antonio De Felice [University of Louvain])

“Trapping gravitons on the core of a hypermonopole”

2008/12/9 (高橋 慶太郎)

「cosmic stringからの重力波」 T. Damour and A. Vilenkin, PRD 71 063510 (2005)
M. R. DePies and C. J. Hogan, PRD 75 125006 (2007)

2008/12/1 阪京市合同セミナー

2008/11/25 (Dr. Robelto Emparan [University of Barcelona])


2008/11/4 (佐藤 真希)

S. Weinberg, "Non-Gaussian Correlations Outside the Horizon II: The General Case", arXiv:0810.2831[hep-ph] (2008).

2008/10/28 (鈴木 良拓)

「Schwinger effect のレビュー」
J. Schwinger, "On Gauge Invariance and Vacuum Polarization", Phys. Rev. 82, 664(1951)

2008/10/21 (Dr. Harvey S. Reall [Cambridge U., DAMTP])

“Near-horizon geometries”

2008/10/14 (八木 絢外)

「AdS-Gauss-Bonnet BHの熱力学的安定性」
Cai PRD65 084014 (2002)
Boulware and Deser PRL55 2656 (1985)
Hawking and Page, Commun. Math. Phys.87 577 (1983)

2008/10/7 (田辺 健太朗)

“Quantum Gravity Partition Functions in Three Dimensions” A. Maloney and E. Witten, arXiv:0712.0155
J. D. Brown and M. Henneaux, Commun.Math.Phys. 104, 207 (1986)
M. Banados, C. Teitelboim and J. Zanelli, Phys.Rev.Lett. 69 1849


2008/7/15 (樫山 和己)

“Radion stabilization in RS-I model”
W. D. Goldberger and M. B. Wise, Phys.Rev.D60 (1999) 107505
W. D. Goldberger and M. B. Wise, Phys.Rev.lett.83 (1999) 4922
W. D. Goldberger and M. B. Wise, Phys.lett.B475 (2000) 275

2008/7/15 (Dr. Kenji Kadota [University of Minnesota])


2008/7/8(高本 亮)
“Gravitational Degrees of Freedom and the Initial-Value Problem”

J.M.York Phys.Rev.Lett.26,1656(1971)
J.M.York Phys.Rev.Lett.28,1082(1972)
J.M.York Math.Phys.13,(1972)
E. Gourgoulhon arXiv:gr-qc/0703035

2008/7/1(宝利 剛 氏 [大阪市立大学])

“Conformal Killing-Yano tensor and Kerr-NUT-de Siiter Spacetimes”
Frolov, Kubiznak, 0802.0322[hep-th]
Houri, Oota, Yasui, 0707.4039[hep-th], 0708.1368[hep-th], 0805.0838[hep-th], 0805.3877[hep-th]

2008/6/24(成子 篤)

“Probing reheating temperature of the universe with gravitational wave background”
K. Nakayama, S. Saito, Y. Suwa and J. Yokoyama, , arXiv:0804.1827 [astro-ph]
M. Turner, M. White and J. Lidsey, PRD 48, 4613 (1993)
T. Moroi, hep-ph/9503210 (1995)

2008/6/17(棚橋 典大)

“Quasinormal modes of black holes localized on the Randall-Sundrum 2-brane”
M. Nozawa and T. Kobayashi, arXiv:0803.3317 [hep-th]

2008/6/3   阪京市合同セミナー

2008/5/27(菅沼 秀夫 氏 [物理学第2教室 原子核理論研究室])



D.T.Son, "Toward an AdS/cold atoms corespondence: a geometric realization of the Schrodinger symmetry", arXiv:0804.3972

2008/4/22(佐々木 節)

“Cosmic strings as a Source of Small-scale Microvave Back ground annisotropy”
L. Pogosian, S. H. Tye, I. Wasserman, M. Wyman arXiv:0804.0810 [astro-ph]

2008/04/15(高橋 慶太郎)

“WMAP 5th year”

2007 年度

Brane Infation in String Theory

recent topics on numerical relativity

Gravitational Perturbations of higher dimensional rotating blackhole

Kuuduri, Lucietti and Reall, PRD 74 084021 (2006)

Spacetime Tunneling

Coalesceing BH sol. in asymptpically non-trivial 5D spt.

BHs with nontrivial asymtotic structure

Ishihara Matsuno, PTP,116,417

Ishihara et. al. CQG 23,6919

Ida et.al. CQG,24,3141

Ishihara et.al. CQG,23,L89

11/9(Danielle Steer)
Cosmic Superstring With y-junction

· 1016 :仙洞田

Olea. JHEP, 04, 073, (2007)

"Regularization of AdS gravity by Kounterterms"

· 1016 :青井

Aloisie, Blasi, Ghia, Grillo. Phys rev D, (2000)

"Probing the structure of space time with cosmic-rays"

· 109 :筒井

Lynden-Bell  MNRAS. 155, 95(1971)

"A method of allowing for known observational selection in small samples applied to 3CR quasers"

· 717 :佐藤


· 626 :村主

Press & Schecher ApJ. 187, 427(1974)

"The history of computational research on cosmological structure formulation"

· 612 :野口

"Strong deflection limit of BH gravitational lensing"

· 65 :山内

Maia et al CQG 22. 1623(2005)

"On the geometry of dark matter"

· 529 :横山

Bartilo & Matarrese JCAP. 01, 003(2004)

"Evolution of second-order cosmological perturbation & NG at inflation"

· 523 :早田

"Cold thermal fluctuations produce a scale invariant spectrum"

· 515 :田中

"Can infrared graviton screen Λ?"

· 58 :佐々木

A. Loeb & M. Zaldariage  Phys. Lett. 72, 211301(2004)

"Measuring the small scale power of cosmic density fluctuation through 21cm tomography prior to the epoch of structure formation"

· 417 :

Y. Grossmann et al Phys. Rev. D72, 125001(2005)

"Neutrino constraints on spontaneous Lorentz violation"

2006 年度

· 2 20 :

Daniele A. Steer APC, Paris & Orsay, LPT

 "Properties of string networks with Y-junction"

Istvan Racz (基研)

         "The black hole rigidity problem remained open"

· 1 30 :

Piero Ullio SISSA

 " matter from late decays and the small-scale structure problems "

Viktor Czinner (基研)

 " Linear perturbations of a dust filled universe with cosmological constant "

· 1 16 : 鵜沢 (基研)

 "Dynamical solution of supergravity"

·12 19 : David Langlois APC & IAP, Paris

 "Non-linear perturbations in relativistic cosmology"

·12 14 : 瀬戸直樹(University of California


·12 5 : F. Scardogli(基研)

"Titius-Bode law and a quantum like description of the planetary systems"

S. AnsoldiUniversity of Trieste

"Quantum tunneling of G. R. bubbles" 

·1121 : A. Flacci(基研)

"Branes and black holes in collision"

·1114 : 南辻(基研)

C. P. Burgess et al., hep-th/0610078; H. M. Lee et al., Nucl. Phys. B 747, 294 (2006)

"Kicking the rugby-ball"

·117 : 疋田(大阪大学)


·1031 : 須山(天体核)

J. Polchinski & J. V. Rocha, Phys. Rev. D 74, 083504 (2006)

"Analytic study of small scale structure on cosmic strings"

·1024 : (天体核)

V. A. Ruvakov, hep-th/0407104

"Lorentz-violating graviton masses: Getting around ghosts,

low strong coupling scale and VDVZ discontinuity"

·1017 : 田中(基研)

X. Chen, M. Huang, S. Kachru & G. Shiu, hep-th/0605045

"Observational signatures and non-Gaussianities of general single field inflation"

·1010 : 瀬戸University of Sussex

L. Roszkowski & O. Seto, hep-ph/0608013

"Axino dark matter and Ωb~Ωm coincidence"

·718 : 馬塲(基研)

M. Giovanninni & M. E. Shaposhnikov, Phys. Rev. D 57, 2186 (1998)

 "Primordial hypermagnetic fields and the triangle anomaly"

·711 : 村田(天体核)

S. Carlip, Class. Quant. Grav. 22 (2005) 1303

 "Horizon constraints and black hole entropy"

·74 : 棚橋(天体核)

R. Emparan, G. T. Horowitz, & R. C. Myers, JHEP01 (2000) 007

 "Exact description of black holes on branes"

·627 : 石橋明浩University of Chicago

S. Hollands, A. Ishibashi, & R. M. Wald, gr-qc/0605106

"A higher dimensional stationary rotating black hole must be axisymmetric"

·620 : 川端基研

T. Faber & M. Visser, astro-ph/0512213

 "Combining rotation curves and gravitational lensing:

how to measure the equation of state of dark matter in the galactic fluid"

·613 : R. Brandenberger McGill University

"Cosmological Perturbations from String Gas Cosmology"

·6 6 : 丹澤(基研)

P. Bizori, T. Chmaj, & B. G. Schmidt, Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 071102 (2005);

C. Gundlach, Living Reviews in Relativity (1999)

 "Review; Critical Behavior in Collapse in 4+1 dimension"

·530 : Mikhail Shaposhnikov (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

"Neutrinos, Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe "

·523 : 武藤(天体核)

T. Padmanabhan & T. R. Choudhury, Phys. Rev. D 66, 081301 (2002);

T. Padmanabhan, Phys. Rev. Lett. 66, 021301 (2002)

 "Can the clustered dark matter and the smooth dark energy arise from the same scalar field?"

·516 : 早田(天体核)

J. McGreevy & E. Silverstein, JHEP 08, 090 (2005); G. Horowitz, JHEP 08, 091 (2005)

 "The tachyon condensation replaces the singularity?"

·425 : 田代(天体核)

R. Barkana & A. Loeb, MNRAS 363, L36 (2005);  S. Bharadwwaj & S. S. Ali, MNRAS 352, 142 (2004)

 "Probing the early baryonic infall through 21cm fluctuations"

·411 : 田中(天体核)

"Ghost Busters"

·411 : 横山(天体核D2

A. Jokinen & A. Mazumdar, JCAP 04 (2006)

 "Very large primordial non-Gaussianity from multiple fields: application to massless preheating"

2005 年度

·36 : 小林(RESCEU

"D-branes and their Geometrical Aspects"

·27 : サンジェイ(天体核)

"We will talk about technique"

·131 : 須山(天体核D2)

C.Hogan & R.Narayan, Mon. Not.R.astr.Soc.(1984) 211 575

"Gravitational lensing by cosmic strings"

·124 : 井岡(天体核)

Gabici & Aharonian, PRD 95 251102 (2005)

"Pointlike γ-ray soures as signature of distant accelerators of ultra high energy cosmic rays"

·1213 :鵜沢(基研)

H.Kodama & K.Uzawa, JHEP 0507:061,2005

"Moduli instability in warped compactifications of the type IIB supergravity"

·126 : 玉置(天体核)

Perez, Sahlmann & Sudarsky, gr-qc/0508100

"On the quantum origin of the seeds of cosmic structure"

·1122 : 小合(阪大D3)

V.Acquaviva & C.Baccigalupi, astro-ph/0507644

"Dark energy records in lensed cosmic microwave background"

·118 : 吉川(天体核D1)

J.Wainaright & L.Hsu, CQG 6 1409 (1989)

"Asymptotic behaviors of class A Bianchi models with a perfect fluid source"

·111 : 田代(天体核D3)

Gardon & Hu, PRD 70 08303

"Low CMB quadrupole from dark energy isocurvature perturbations"

·1025 : 横山(天体核D1)

G.Efstathion & K.J.Mack, JCAP 05 008 (2005)

"The Lyth Bound Revisited"

·1018 : 雁津(天体核M2)

Blanchet, Qusailah & Will, astro-ph/0507692

Favate, Hughes & Holz, Astrophys. J 607 L5 (2004)

"Gravitational Recoil of  Compact Binary System"

·1011 : 泉(天体核M2)

Nucl. Phys. B282 (1987) 397

"Forbidden mass range for spin-2 field theory in de Sitter spacetime"

·621 : 広瀬(天体核M2)


·614 : 原田(天体核)

    E.O.Babichev , V.i.Dokuchaev & Yury Eroshenko 2005, J.Exp.Theor.Phys.100 528

"The Accretion of Dark Energy onto a Blackhole"

·531 : 小林(天体核D3)

          D.Langlois & F.Vernizzi 2004,Phys.Rev.D70:063522

"Mixed Inflation and Curvaton Perturbations"

·524日 :早田 (天体核)

"A Review of Cosmic Superstrings"

·517日 :Alan Cornell  (基研)

          P.Kanti & J.March-Russell 2003,Phys.Rev.D67:104019

"Calculable Correction to Brane Blackhole Decay.2.Greybody Factors For Spin 1/2 and 1"

·  510日 :Flachi Nino  (基研)

"Some Issues Regarding the Interaction of Blackholes and Branes"

·  426日 :佐々木(基研)

         S.P.patil & R.H.Brandenberger 2005,hep-th/0502069

"The Cosmology of Massless String Modes"

· 412日 :須山  (天体核D2)

         D.H.LythD.Wands 2002,Phys.Lett.B524,5

"Generating the Curvature Perturbation without an Inflation"

2004 年度

·  111日 :疋田  (天体核D2)

G. Hobbs, astro-ph/0412153

"Pulsar and Gravitational Wave Detection"

·  1221日 :富沢  (東工大D3)

Kastor, Shiromizu, Tomizawa & Traschen, hep-th/0416289

"Positive Bounds for the Y-ADM Mass Density"

·  1214日 :菅野  (天体核D2)

R. Bousso & J. Polchinski 2000, JHEP, 0006, 006

"Quantization of Four-form Flux and Dynamical Neutralization of the Cosmological Constant"

·  1116日 :馬場  (阪大D2)

K. Bamba & J. Yokoyama 2004, PRD, 70, 083508

"Large Scale Magnetic Fields from Dilaton Inflation in Noncommutative Spacetime "

·  119日 :田中  (天体核AP)

Karasik et al 2004, PRD, 69, 064022

"Small Black Holes on Branes : Is the horizon regular or singular ?"

·  1026日 :Bassett  (天体核VR)

Kolb, Riotto & Vallinotto, astro-ph/0410546

"Curvature Perturbations from Broken Symmetries"

·  1012日 :玉置  (天体核PD)

"Knot invariant as physical states of quantum gravity"

·  105日 :西條  (天体核PD)

C. W. Misner, gr-qc/0409073

"Hyperboloidal Slice and Artificial Cosmology for Numerical Relativity"

·  713日 :大橋  (天体核M2)

R. Schutzhold & W. G. Unruh 2002, PRD, 66, 044019

"Gravity wave analogues of black holes"

·  629日 :横山  (天体核M2)

Seto, Yokoyama & Kodama 2000, PRD, 61, 103504

"What happens when the inflation stops during inflation?"

·  629日 :當真  (天体核M2)

K. Ioka 2003, ApJ, 598, L79

"The cosmic dispersion measure from GRBs probing

the reionization history & the burst enviroment"

·  615日 :井上  (天体核M2)

H. Davoudiasl et al hep-ph/0403019

"Gravitational Baryogenesis"

·  6月8日 : 小合 (基研D2)

J. Portsmouth, astro-ph/0402173

"Beationg cosmic variance with CMB polarization"

·  61日 :河村  (天体核M2)

R. Emparon & R. C. Myers hep-th/0308056

"Instability of Ultra-Spinning Black Holes"

·  525日 : 南辻 (基研D2)

"Trans-Planckian Cosmology"

Ref : Lemoine et al 2001, PRD, 65, 023510

       Brandenberger et al 2002, PRD, 66, 083514

       Starobinski et al 2001, JETP, L73, 371

·  518日 :Pujolas  ( 基研PD )

"Massless scalar field in the inflationaly brane world "

·  511日 : 吉川 ( 天体核M2 )

R. Bousso 1999, JHEP, 70, 004

"Covariant Entropy Conjecture"

·  4月27日 : 小林 ( 天体核D2 )

Easther, Khoury & Schalm  hep-th/0402218

"Tuning Locked Inflation"

·  4月20日 : 須山 ( 天体核D1 )

L. H. Ford 1989, PRD, 40, 967

"Inflation driven by a vector field"

·  4月13日 : 田代 ( 天体核D2 )

Blake & Glazebrook, 2003, ApJ, 594, 665

"Probing dark energy using baryonic oscillations as a cosmological ruler"